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Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility

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The Platinum Packaging Group (PPG) is an environmentally compliant company that strives to make a conscious difference in our environment. Several years ago, PPG developed an internal process to recycle and re-use scrap.

Sustainability & Environmental Responsibility is a critical requirement of our ethos and an ongoing process that we embrace. We are committed to a meaningful and effective sustainable approach. PPG offers eco-conscious consumers packaging that reduces your plastic footprint.

PPG’s core value is stewardship of the planet and natural resources. We strive to minimize manufacturing waste, while introducing and selling new sustainable materials to our customers. All products are made with FDA-compliant materials.

Such Products Include:
• Compostable corn-based products
• Plant-based sub-straights for overwrapping
• Post-Consumer regrind content in all PET plastics
• Bio Plastics
• Biodegradable based PP used within laminated films

Recycling of Internal Production Materials

PPG developed an internal process to handle scrap. Unused film cores, offcut clear film scrap or unwanted pallets all are recycled/reused. All cores are made from recycled fiber/customer rolls are wrapped with scrap off cut clear film.

Review and re-evaluation of our use of recycled materials is a continuous activity at PPG that can only be achieved through our awareness and consideration of our employees, community, customers and suppliers.
Note: ALL programs we have in place exceed current Federal and State recycling program requirements.

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Our People

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Our employees are trained to operate our facility while maintaining compliance in the highest level of hygiene, health and safety standards. We practice food contact packaging safety awareness, waste reduction and recycling.

The PPG is audited annually to ensure good manufacturing practices and food safety. This is within the parameters of a 3rd party audit program. Additionally, we constantly monitor a safe working environment for our staff.

We operate through the issuance of appropriate Certificates of Analysis (COA) and COC’s (Certificate of Compliance), having the ability to monitor correct/proper product specifications.